About Us

Children have so much to offer to the world – We believe in the power that they hold to create a better world for future generations. Action for Child Care is a nonprofit organization committed to securing healthy and safe environments for underprivileged children.


We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in a healthy and safe environment!

Action for Child Care consists of a group of volunteers who are committed to securing healthy and safe environments for children.


Denise Meyer | Founder

Denise graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Community Development. She selected this degree because she is dedicated to protecting the welfare of children and serving her community. For over ten years, she has worked in a leadership role for a nonprofit that is committed to serving low income children and their families. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the many children and families her organizations have served. She has traveled throughout Michigan training and educating child care providers. While doing so, she has seen firsthand the burden and high cost of providing a safe and quality child care environment.


“I believe Action for Child Care’s mission is a necessary opportunity for homes in underserved communities to secure a healthy and safe setting while also alleviating some of the financial burden that is associated with it. Studies have proven that high quality care is important to the healthy development of children. As a parent, I understand how important it is to feel confident that your child is safe and protected.” 

Aimee Klevorn | Founder

Born and raised in Northern Michigan, Aimee moved to Lansing nearly 5 years ago. Her passion for all forms of communication drove her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and she is proud to be a Spartan graduate! With the belief that an organization’s values and goals are central to their success, Aimee takes great pride and satisfaction in carefully crafting and consistently articulating an organization’s mission. Aimee began working with nonprofits in 2013 and has since served on two Boards of Directors assisting with fundraising, communication strategies, and event planning. Additionally, she worked as the Communications Manager at a nonprofit organization for nearly 4 years.


“My passion is with children and my goal is to help the underserved and marginalized in our community and beyond. I believe that all children deserve a chance to succeed and thrive and will continue to fight for that right. Specifically, I believe in Action for Child Care’s goal to reach children and secure their safety. Let’s join together to keep them safe and healthy.”

Board of Directors

  • Kimberly Spalding | Board President
  • Brian Harris | Board Treasurer
  • Amanda Gallaher | Board Secretary
  • Tina Collard | Board of Director
Action for Child Board of Directors at fundraiser

Every year, more than 2,200 children lose their lives from injuries that happen at home. Our goal is to provide tools and resources to low income families to protect children from harm or injury in the home. We educate families about basic home safety recommendations and guidelines and provide essential equipment.


Action for Child Care currently provides 3 main services to the community:

  1. Educational Materials
  2. Safety Equipment
  3. Cribs for Kids®

2018 was our first full year in operation. In that time, we reached 176 families in need with our health and safety equipment and education! We fostered relationships and partnered with 11 human services agencies in Shiawassee, Ingham, and Genessee counties. These partnerships allowed us to make a lasting impression on the communities we served throughout the year.


We could not have reached the number of homes we did in 2018 without the generous support of our donors, partners, and volunteers.